Small Business Marketing Consultant

A little more than three years ago, I decided to pursue a longtime dream and start a business. I had heard that the timing would never be perfect, but the timing was really bad. We were about a year into the great recession and I had been laid off from a job.

After some specialized training for small business marketing, I began helping small business owners develop a system (repeatable processes) for marketing their businesses. I like the work and continue to do it. It involves helping businesses gain perspective about their business and industry, craft a strategy for marketing their business and implementing different tactics to reach audiences.

Most of my clients, service professionals with 1-10 employees, are interested in building something that will last and want longterm marketing strategies that they can shape and repeat. These owners are typically “all in,” have a full-time commitment to their business and are involved in every aspect of their business. They’re also passionate with visions of fulfilling their dreams.

What is Unique About Brand Equity Marketing?

Clients count on me for new marketing ideas that fit their business, honest feedback on their ideas and help with implementing just about everything. I am intent on building a strong relationship, learning about business needs and finding clients who fit. I listen, explain my approach to marketing and see if there’s a fit.


I REALLY like:

    Eating good food

    Staying active

    Taking pictures

    Watching sports